Cheap flights to Gibraltar

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How long is the flight to Gibraltar?

Flights from London to Gibraltar: 2 hours 55 minutes.

Flights from Manchester to Gibraltar: 3 hours 05 minutes.

Flights from Birmingham to Gibraltar: 3 hours 00 minutes.

Flights from Glasgow to Gibraltar: 7 hours 30 minutes.

Which airlines operate flights to Gibraltar?

Monarch is the main airline that provides cheap flights to Gibraltar, however there are a couple of alternatives such as easyJet or British Airways. With a bit of planning you can easily find the cheapest flights to Gibraltar by comparing the different airline prices. British Airways are a good choice because they offer complimentary snacks and beverages, however flight tickets do generally cost a little more. If you’re after the cheapest flights to Gibraltar, then you’ll usually find easyJet are the best airline to fly with.

How to get from the airport to the city centre?

The airport in Gibraltar is so close to the city centre that you could walk there within about 10 minutes, so unless you have lots of baggage or find it difficult to walk, your feet would be your best option. Other alternatives include jumping on a bus. There is a regular bus service which you can catch just a couple of minutes’ walk from the arrival terminal. If you are travelling along the Costa del Sol, then you would be better off walking the few hundred metres across the border into Spain and going to the bus station there. Failing that, you could opt for a taxi which will be relatively cheap considering the short distance you’ll need to travel. Finally you could decide to hire a car from the airport. This is a great idea if you are planning to travel around further than Gibraltar as you’ll easily be able to get from one place to another without relying on public transport.

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Gibraltar climate


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When is the best time to fly to Gibraltar?


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Getting around Gibraltar



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What is good to know if travelling to Gibraltar?

  • If you’re a fan of monkeys then you should definitely consider Gibraltar for your vacation as it makes the list of the best places to see monkeys .
  • A must-see place in Gibraltar is the underground military tunnels that were built during the war, which are now open to the public to explore.

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