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Car Rental FAQs

What are the requirements to rent a car in Goa?

Car rentals in Goa are a great way to get around and explore the beaches. However, there are a few requirements. All drivers need either an Indian driver’s license or an International Driving Permit (IDP) to book rental cars in Goa. Most rental car locations in Goa will expect you to bring your driver’s license from home, your IDP, and your passport. They generally also expect you to have insurance. If you’re aged between 18 and 21, it’s advisable to check with the rental car company to ensure they accept drivers in your age group.

What are the rules for driving in Goa?

You must abide by the following road rules when driving rental cars in Goa. Ensure you and your passengers wear seatbelts whenever the vehicle is moving, and remember to drive on the left-hand side of the road. The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.03% in Goa, but drivers can be imprisoned for being over the limit, so it’s best to avoid alcohol altogether before driving. Whether you have a luxury vehicle or a cheap car rental in Goa, you are expected to have insurance and to keep the documents with you whenever driving. You’ll also need your rental paperwork, photo ID, and IDP. Check with Goa’s department of motor vehicles to ensure you understand the latest specific road rules for the region.

What type of vehicle is recommended for driving in Goa?

Compact vehicles are the ideal car rentals in Goa. Since smaller vehicles like the Suzuki Swift are generally also the economy options, this is good news for those wanting to secure a cheap car rental in Goa. Small vehicles are ideal for navigating traffic, finding parks, and accessing the narrow roads that head out to Goa’s famous beaches. If you need more room, it may be worth considering Goa car rentals that come with a driver. This is a hassle-free way to enjoy an SUV or passenger van rental.

Where are the best places to park in Goa?

Goa car rentals are a great way to explore the cities, villages, and beaches of North and South Goa. It’s generally easy to find both formal and informal parking lots within walking distance of the destinations you wish to visit throughout Goa. These may be paved parking lots at bus stations or simply abandoned plots of land that have been repurposed. Parking fees can vary greatly, but you’ll often find a set price for the day, regardless of how long you stay. Expect to pay somewhere around 20 RS to 50 RS (approx. 0.37 AUD to 0.92 AUD). It’s best to look for these paid parking areas when driving car rentals in Goa as cars can get towed and impounded if parked in no standing zones.

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