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Why book your hotel with Cheapflights? searches hundreds of travel sites at once so you only need to make one search to find the best deal that suits your unique needs. Cheapflights is also about much more than just flights! You can find all the results you need for hotels, flights, cars and more on our site. We only work with reputable partners with high-quality results so you can book with confidence with every search.

How do I find cheap hotel deals?

Find cheap hotel deals in India or anywhere across the world by sorting by price in your search results. Cheapflights regularly aggregates all the deals from hundreds of hotel suppliers and travel sites so you don’t have to worry about missing any potential deals. The best way to find cheap hotel deals might be to search for your desired dates at your destination and set up Price Alerts to track prices. We’ll automatically update you about price changes by email so you can book at the right price every time. You can also filter your results to see “Good deals only” – try this filter in the “Other” section on the left hand side of your results.

Can I set up alerts for cheap hotel reservations?

Yes! You can set up Price Alerts for any hotel search in India or abroad so you can book exactly when the price is lowest during that time. Many factors influence the price of a given hotel, including seasonality and availability. Tracking prices is an effective way to stay ahead of rapidly changing prices, no matter what the reason is for the change. Try the Cheapflights mobile app here to get instant notifications from your Price Alerts.

Can I find hotels with free cancellation on

Yes – it’s easy to find hotels with free cancellation on Any time you search for hotels, filter your results so you only see hotels that offer free cancellation. You’ll find this filter in the “Freebies” section on the left-hand side of your results, where you’ll also find options for free breakfast, free parking and more. You can further filter or sort your results afterwards to tailor your results even more.

How can I find hotels with COVID-19 safety measures in place?

Safety is a major priority, so every hotel result found on with COVID-19 safety measures has an orange badge in the top left corner. Cleaning policies vary by provider and property, so you should click on the badge to learn more about that exact hotel’s policy. Safety measures include daily cleaning with increased availability of sanitation products, lobbies with safe social distancing, and minimal contact with personnel and other guests.

Can I book a long term rental on Cheapflights?

Yes – you can find a long term rental on by searching for your desired dates at your destination, and selecting the “Rental” filter in the “Property type” section on the left-hand side of your results. You’ll see all the long term rental results, which include apartments, holiday homes, condos, and more. We work with long term rental providers like Vrbo to offer accommodation types for all types of travellers and groups across India and more.

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